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We are so confident that Bilstein B6 and B8 are the best dampers money can buy that if you are not happy just send them back and we will give you a full refund ! *

* within 28 days applies to B6 / B8 Monotube dampers.Terms apply.

Bilstein Suspension present their prestigious range of dampers, and suspension kits. From a simple Bilstein B4 damper on an original Fiat Panda to the very latest "plug and play" suspension solutions for Porsche, Bilstein has it covered. What makes them unique is the monotube principle in the yellow Sport B6 and B8 dampers as well as the B14 (PSS) and B16 (PSS9/PSS10) coilovers.

If you don't know what a monotube damper is you must find out before buying a Twin Tube unit! Bilstein Monotube dampers present the ultimate "plush" suspension experience. Once driven - forever will you be smitten by Bilstein Suspension.  

You have a right to experience your car the way it should have been from new.

Balance Motorsport have been a Bilstein dealer since we opened our doors in 2004. We have installed Bilstein suspension and also sold via mail order. We've had just 3 warranty claims in all this time. The product is made to very high standards and is OE equipment on some of the worlds greatest marques such as Porsche, Ferrari and Lotus.

A lot of people ask us Bilstein B4 vs B6 vs B8. The answer is simple. If you want the very best damping performance and enjoy the control a monotube damper can give then always go B6 or B8 over B4 (B4 is an OE spec replacement - very good quality but Twin Tube and therefore smaller piston, less resistance to fade, less consistent damping response). When it comes to B6 vs B8 - the rule is simple again - for a car with factory fitted sports springs or aftermarket lowering springs - go for the B8 if it exists. This shorter unit will not only ensure positive spring location on droop but will reduce droop for better control of body roll. That said sometimes only a B6 unit is listed - these are fine for lowering 40mm but much more than this would require the damper to be shortened, which can be done before it is supplied if required.


Bilstein ridecontrol now available to buy online - with damping adjustable at the push of a button

New BILSTEIN ridecontrol

BILSTEIN ridecontrol at last gives the discerning driver the choice between smooth and effortless monotube control and at touch of a button the sharp handling and precise control of a sports model. It is currently available for the following models

 Ride Control BMW E46 3 Series

Ride Control BMW E90 3 Series

Ride Control BMW E60 5 Series

Ride Control Mercedes E Class

Ride Control Mercedes CLS



Tip - if you can't find a Bilstein suspension kit for your car try we recommend buying B6 or B8 dampers and then matching to a Eibach or Apex lowering spring kit. This will give excellent handling without ruining the ride comfort. For less body roll consider this combination with uprated anti-roll bars as well.

Shock absorbers for the car driver

From ABT (VW, Audi) to TechArt (Porsche): the top car tuners look to Bilstein for their suspension solutions having been a reliable supplier to these firms for over 30 years.

Their multi-height and damping force adjustable suspension systems currently dominate this sector. Many products are developed exclusively for this branch, something which obviously also has an influence on our mass production units. Our engineers tune the suspension both at the design stage and in the course of road tests to create optimum driving conditions for all sports-minded motorists.

Shock absorbers for the carmakers

As partners of such world renowned automobile manufacturers as DaimlerChrysler, Porsche or Ferrari, and a major force in motor sports, BILSTEIN suspension leads the way in the design of innovative, high-efficiency shock absorbers in both twin-tube and more famously monotube design.

The name of Bilstein has been synonymous with top quality Monotube dampers and high performance in the fields of motor sports and production vehicles for years. It was Bilstein who revolutionised damping technology by introducing the first series production monotube gas pressure shock absorber featuring excellent ride comfort and safety, and based on the de Carbon principle, in 1954. Today BILSTEIN partners such highly reputable carmakers as Ferrari, General Motors, Jaguar, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche and Subaru in the development and manufacture of production components. 2.000 employees produce approx. 40.000 shock absorbers at four plants, daily. As a member of ThyssenKrupp Automotive, ThyssenKrupp BILSTEIN stands world-wide for innovative, high-tech suspensions.

Motor sports Products

With the B14 PSS and the B16 PSS9 Bilstein's engineers created a new performance standard. The Upside-Down design - based on the monotube gas pressure technology - are applied in countless motor sports application areas (e.g. 24 hours of Nurburgring or the BF-Goodrich touring car series). The vehicle's height can be varied from around 20mm to 50mm. In addition, with a thumb wheel on each shock absorber it is also possible to set nine different compression and rebound characteristics in parallel with the base bump and rebound settings (only B16 PSS9). With a combination of height and parallel damping force adjustment it is possible to find the perfect setting for all situations.For additional cost we can supply selected PSS9 units with separate reservoir and double adjustment of damping. POA

Bilstein Product Range

PSS9 & PSS10 (B14 & B16) - a height adjustable coilover kit with adjustable monotube dampers and matched lowering springs.
PSS9 features are:-
* Largest available piston diameter for greater sensitivity and precise control.
* Patented digressive piston head design and deflective valving instantly reacts to changing road conditions.
* Light - reduce unsprung weight.
The Bilstein PSS9 Suspension allows you to adjust your vehicle's ride height and with 9 point combined bump and rebound adjustment you can tune the cars suspension to suit the conditions.
TUV approved and made in Germany.

B6 & B8 Sports Dampers - Bilstein High Gas Pressure Monotube Shock Absorbers. Uprated by around 10-15% on standard damping the biggest difference between these units and their twin tube rivals is their ability to combine a smooth ride with excellent spring control. Especially noticeable is the way the Bilstein damper deals with big bumps or potholes and its control of small deflections of suspension at high speed, leading to excellent handling. An excellent upgrade on their own or matched to a set of lowering springs. As these units are not adjustable they are only suited to mildly uprated or std springs. If you need Bilstein units for competition springs please enquire. These units are priced individually Bilstein have lead the way in monotube damper techonology since the Sixties. Their success in motorsport has been unrivalled and even when the patent on the monotube dampers expired Bilstein has still managed to stay in front of the competiton. Order online today for fast delivery and experience the difference Bilstein dampers make.

B4 Standard Spec dampers

Made to exceed OE spec where a twintube damper was originally specified these high quality units make an excellent upgrade for a road car and also work well with moderately uprated suspension springs.

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