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Whiteline Black Box Handling Bias Modifier

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Whiteline Black Box Handling Bias Modifier

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Product description:

Modern vehicles are equipped with a stability control system. These systems are called different names, like ESP, ESC, VDC and so on, but they all operate under similar principles.

They’re typically part of the ABS system and are closely linked. These systems look for any perceived deviation from a cars’ “ideal” path like oversteer or understeer and then use selective braking of individual wheels to take control. Great idea and a good safety feature but too intrusive for racing or track work.

BLACKBOX is a world first allowing the driver to electronically tune the stock stability control system to give control back to the driver. The patented BLACKBOX system is unique in allowing cockpit adjustable handling bias, a single dial delivers more oversteer or understeer on demand. Only BLACKBOX lets you tune the amount of intervention and even turn off stability control, without error codes or warning lights. BLACKBOX is designed for Motorsport or Off-Road use only. V1.1 is now “plug-n-play” where possible but is still supplied in kit form specially programmed for each vehicle. with comprehensive installation and tuning instructions. Some modification of wiring is necessary on some models and we recommend fitment by a qualified workshop. (Refer applications marked *)

This unit works with the Bosch system so may be adapted to work with any many cars with the Bosch system (Race use only)

In practice best results are achieved by reducing the interference of the ESP and DSC system rather than using the unit to actually generate oversteer or understeer. Handling attitude is best adjusted using mechanical means and the unit allows you to ensure the car is a neutral platform with which to start.

Please see this You Tube Video for more information


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