Millers Oil - CRX LS 75w140 NT Competition Fully Synthetic Gear Oil 5 Litres

CRX LS 75w140 NT
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Millers Oil - CRX LS 75w140 NT Competition Fully Synthetic Gear Oil 5 Litres

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Product description:
* Competition heavy duty synthetic gear oil for highly stressed applications.
* Synthetic base stocks in combination with shear stable viscosity modifiers, latest technology extreme pressure additive selected oil molybdenum disulphide 'solid lubricant' and selected oil stocks.
* Use as received in final drives with or without 'limited slip' differentials.
* Proven 'dog-ring' protection under extreme competition applications.
* Not suitable for synchromesh gearboxes.
* Specially formulated heavy duty lubricant with friction modifiers to give smooth lock up, minimal chatter and optimum performance.
* The incorporation of molybdenum disulphide acts as a 'solid lubricant' providing very high levels of gear and dog-ring protection without affecting rolling element bearings.
* Specify where final drives are subject to high stresses or arduous applications e.g. long distance racing on very high power and torque output.
* Good cold flow properties - for easier gear changes.
* Fast lubrication flow to component extremes.
* Very good oxidation resistance and thermal stability - for today's higher operating temperatures.
* High film strength - for maximum component protection.
* Reduces friction and wear
* Minimises power loss.
API GL5 MIL-PRF-2105E, API MT-1, ZF TE-ML 02, TE-ML-05* Not recommended for synchromesh gearboxes but fully acceptable in 'dog' boxes.
* Proven in 24 hours sports car racing.
* Proven solution to gearbox problems in rally cars.
* Proven in competition, recommended for modern transmissions where a fully synthetic oil is specified.


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